Saturday, August 20, 2022

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Legal Saviour : National Webinar :“ Insights of Jurisprudence”

Legal Saviour Invites you to attend National Webinar On “ Insights of Jurisprudence" Our Hon'ble Speaker: Dr. Rekha Singh Principal and Associate Professor, Anand College of Legal Studies Anand Gujarat Webinar Host: Legal Saviour Academy Webinar...

Legal Saviour : National Talk Show : “Law Guidance Series :...

Good afternoon everyone, Legal Saviour invites you to attend the National Talk Show on "Law Guidance Series : Awareness Campaign" Date: 1st to 10th June 2020 Timings:...

Legal Saviour : Forensic Marathon Web Series

Legal Saviour Invites you to attend “ FORENSIC MARATHON ” WEB SERIES,from 15th to 27th June 2020 Proposed Topics : (1) “An overview on Human Identification” (2) “Forensic...
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