“ Law and Practicality : Written, what not often wrote.”


Man se laksh tak : Day 1 (14:55 to 13:15) 14.07.2023


In every part of the world, where human exists there is law prevalent. It may be different at different places but there is Law. Certainly, its like one cannot see GOD, however GOD is everywhere governing the Universe with elite powers. In the same context, one cannot see GOD but one can attain. This goes same with LAW too. If one searches, LAW can be found, attained and followed.

Bhagwad Gita, Quran, Bible, Vedic Scriptures, etc. is in today’s world Dharmic / religious pious texts but there also exists LAW. The answer to human queries, problems, solutions, definition, guidance, way of life, etc. What does “LAW” do in today’s era. It does the same thing.

However, the civilization is getting modern & advanced. There is advancement in one’s thinking, need, approach, etc. And, so humans are dynamic. Therefore, LAW is a dynamic subject.

It can be observed that, What was wrong in previous YUG may be truthful practise with prestige in this YUG. (“KALYUG”)!!
There’s a line of difference between morality, ethics and right / wrong aspect. So, THE LAW LADY (THE GODDESS JUSTICIA)has blind fold on eyes & sword in one hand describing boldness and weighing scale in another hand which denotes equality.
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(Page is turned, so do we would have another perspective in the said topic which would finally justify the title. )

The script of LAW is written in common for all. Agreed to the fact that, the creators / writers of law are visionary and have given a though to possible happenings while creating. However, it is also true that “ LAW is a subject of practise.” And, with ever-evolving situations, it might happen that the script may harm someone or someone may misuse law to harm some another.

Focusing on the ground reality and prevailing situation in this KALYUG, would not hesitate to state that mostly LAW is invoked for its misuse by hurting, harming, humiliating another when specifically talking about Indian Culture Market, oversees culture market is nonetheless facing same situation upto some extent.

May it be personal law or business law or criminal law, most probably 80% of the entire volume pleading LAW is by laying curtain over the wrong deeds OR for defence from wrong OR for vengeance, vendetta or grudge from another person to meet one’s end. It may seem to be very narrow-minded elaboration but undeniably this concern cannot be neglected.

The one who suffered the life pain can connect directly because their emotions are spoken herein. And therefore, here it is…..
“ Written, what not often wrote.”
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